Celebrity Realty International, Inc. and Austin Sheridan Lowrey, II, based in Destin Florida, offer Beach, Beachfront, Waterfront, and Gulf of Mexico properties for sale from their corporate offices in Destin, FL. Celebrity homes & Real Estate Investments worldwide. Destin Inc is a Cancer Charity founded by Sheridan Lowrey. 


Austin Sheridan Lowrey, II

is the

Broker to the Stars!


Experience Does Count!

Throughout my almost 23 years being professionally licensed, I have had a rewarding career in which I have obtained the following state licenses;   Real Estate Broker,  Mortgage Broker, Community Association Manager, Home Builder and a Legal Expense Insurance Sales Rep.  Each of the aforementioned licenses required full background checks by state law enforcement and the FBI. Every license required me to pass proficiency examinations, with the exception of the Legal Expense Insurance license. I have become one of the most capable Residential, Commercial, Private Estate and Investment property Real Estate Brokers in the world. As the founder, President and CEO of nurmous corporations, my staff and I understand the responsibility, commitment and exceptional level of service that is required to serve your unique needs anywhere in the world. 

Throughout this rewarding career, my interaction with high-profile clients has taught me the importance of their right to privacy and the security of their family. To that end, you can be assured that my staff and I are prepared to provide just that. Anonymity and Confidentiality!

Whether you are purchasing or selling your home and/or investment property, with Celebrity Realty International, you will have an unparalleled echelon of privacy and protection from the prying eyes of the public.

It is through these very services I provide, for which my clients have bestowed me with the title; "Broker to the Stars"....  

With a lifetime of research, training and professional practice I have developed a unique approach that permits your property to be presented to individuals or parties that are truly seeking to purchase such a property.

Every prospective buyer requesting information concerning any of our client's properties are evaluated to insure that they meet our stringent qualification requirements before receiving any detailed information on our high-profile clients properties, when they have enrolled in our Platinum Level Listing program. 

What does this mean to you? 


  • No Paparazzi posing as buyers attempting to invade your private and personal home, view your commercial or investment holdings, gain access to personal information, take photographs of, or tamper with your possessions and assets. 


  • No local or nation news crews posing as buyers with hidden cameras to unveil a "Behind the Scenes" look into a Celebrity's life.


  • No entertainment media reporters, posing as a buyer, only to explore and show the inside of a celebrity's mansion or investment properties.


  • No thieves or larcenous individuals gaining information via the Internet to make a burglary shopping list, while viewing the listing pictures of the expensive personal belongings contained in our client's property.


  • No would-be kidnappers will be studying on-line listing pictures of our client's properties to develop a thief's entry-exit plan and security protection analysis. 


  • We utilize the same encryption software used by the worlds leading law enforcement agencies to protect sensitive documents ensuring that no one, but our pre-qualified and pre-security screened buyers are able to view our client's property presentation disk. Additionally we utilize advanced graphics software to remove our clients personal items from the digital photos and media files, utilized in creating your encrypted CD & DVD buyer presentation disk. 

As you can see, my staff and I are here to ensure that your interest, privacy and transactions are conducted with impeccable service, the utmost commitment to confidentially and the professionalism that you have earned and expect.  We would be honored, if you allow my staff and I to provide you with our Platinum Level Services on your next property acquisitions or divestiture, which can only be found at Celebrity Realty International. 


Celebrity Realty International, Inc

Providing Celebrity Real Estate Services

we are the

"Broker to the Stars"

4507 Furling Lane, Suite 214

The Plaza at Regatta Bay

Destin, Florida 32541

Phone 1+(850) 650-CELEB (2353)

Toll Free 1+(877) We-Fly-4-You  (877-933-5949)

Free Fax 1+(888) We-Fly-4-You  (888-933-5949)

E-mail Sheridan at CelebBroker dot com

Celebrity Realty International and Austin Sheridan Lowrey,II provide exclusive real estate services to celebrity clients and other high profile clients throughout the entire state of Florida and beyond!!!! Celebrity homes are our speciality!

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