Destin Florida Limo Service provided by Celebrity Realty International, Inc. and Austin Sheridan Lowrey. Wedding limousine service in Destin, Sandestin, Santa Rosa Beach, Seaside, Rose Mary Beach, Sea Grove and Grayton Beach, Florida. Free Destin airport transportation!


 Destin Limo Service provided by Celebrity Realty International Inc. and Austin Sheridan Lowrey, II. Wedding limousine service in Destin, Sandestin, Santa Rosa Beach, Water Color, Seaside, Grayton Beach, Sea Grove, Rose Mary Beach, Panama City Beach and Fort Walton Beach. Free Destin Airport transportation!

Destin Limo Service is a Division of Celebrity Realty International, Inc., a Destin, Florida based international real estate brokerage firm, specializing in providing confidential acquisition and divestiture services of exclusive luxury estates and commercial property to high profile individuals, corporations and celebritys. Celebrity Realty International and Sheridan Lowrey is the BROKER TO THE STARS!

Destin Limo is a wholly owned division of Celebrity Realty international, Inc. and not only offers FREE LIMO SERVICE to our real estate clients, but offers Destin Florida limousine service and rental. Our prices are not only affordable, but we offer a complimentary stocked bar in each of our Destin Limos and for you ladies, you'll receive one dozen beautiful roses at no additional cost.

For those individuals arriving by private jet or chartered jet into the Destin Airport (KDTS Airport), we offer you FREE Destin Airport Limousine transportation. Destin Limo service will pick you up on the ramp with a welcoming Red Carpet leading directly into our limousine. You'll be greeted with one of our professional chauffeurs and whisked away to your destination in complete comfort. Just sit back, relax and even fix yourself a refreshing complimentary cocktail, while we safely transfer you to your home, condo, business meeting or restaurant. The only thing we ask in return for this FREE DESTIN LIMO SERVICE, is to 1) Please tip my chauffeur if you were please with their attentiveness to your needs

2) Please consider allowing Celebrity Realty International to provide you with our exceptional real estate service on the next purchase or sale of any property around the world.

Questions & Answers

How is your pricing compared to other limousine companies?

We do not post pricing on our website because our prices are dependent on locations, destinations, travel distance, seasons, days of the week, and availability. Generally our pricing is the same or slightly higher than average, since we build in the price of our service.

Our primary mission is to provide the customer a better outcome with their hired transportation service than they would get if they searched out limousine services at random.

What does you pricing cover?

Part of our service is to help the customer find the best vehicle and driver for their unique situation. We select and screen our limousines carefully, and use only those we know to have the highest standards in vehicle luxury, reliability, saftey and quality. Our founder, Austin Sheridan lowrey, II has provided superior chauffuer services for over 16 years and continues to provide the highest quality service know in the industry.  This proven track recod should eliminate the your problem of choosing a limousine company for your event, as most people are not that familiar with renting limousines. Choosing a company out of the phonebook can be a risky proposition. Another component of our service is to provide you the communication necessary for you to feel comfortable and secure in your choice of transportation. This includes answering phone calls, emails, receipts, and other communication requests, as well as written contracts for services and real time flight tracking.

What is the advantage of using Celebrity Realty International Limo Service?

Safety is a high priority for us. We want to deliver a quality product and service to the customer with reliable vehicles, professional chauffeurs, and clear communications. We want customers to feel secure in their choice of transportation with our company, and know that we will do our best to meet their expectations.

Why is there always a 4-hour minimum on certain vehicles?

Many are under the assumption that limousines are booked in the same way as taxis. When a limousine goes out on a job, that limousine has already been serviced and cleaned for your event. Detailing a limousine before a wedding is a very time-consuming, labor intensive, meticulous task. It is generally not in a limousine owner's best interest to book a 2-hour job, when they need to book the car in afternoon and evening blocks of time. A 2-hour job is often not worth the time for preparation of the vehicle, travel costs, and for paying a driver. Booking a two-hour job often prevents that owner from other bookings during the day. For example, if the limousine were booked from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm, that particular vehicle would most likely be unable to be used for another afternoon or evening event. This is the same reason that most companies charge extra when the job is to be just a drop-off and pickup.

What is the typical gratuity and how is it handled?

Gratuity for drivers is figured at 20% to 25% of the total charge. Most customers prefer to add the gratuity in with the limousine charges before the event, particularly weddings. For your convenience, it is suggested that this be done in advance.

Do I need to pay for the limousine while we are attending our event?

You must pay for the time even though you are not physically using the vehicle. Although the vehicle is not is use, it cannot be used elsewhere, even if there are 3-4 hours in between. It is not cost-effective for limousine companies to send the vehicle back to the garage, clean and prepare it for another job. Often members of the party will leave personal items in the vehicle, expecting the items will be there when they get back.

Many people ask for a drop-off and pick-up, but this is not feasible for limousine companies, as they couldn't afford to stay in business. Limousine companies require huge capital expenditures in keeping up with vehicles, maintenance, liability insurance, driver salaries, and ever increasing fuel charges.

Will we get a written contract for our wedding transportation service?

Yes, we use contracts for all of our weddings and special events. Our wedding contract downloadable from our website, or we can mail or email one to you. Having a contract in place assures you that you will get the exact vehicle you have reserved including color, size, number of hours, locations, and times.

How much can we expect to pay for our wedding transportation?

Most people spend about 1-4% of their total wedding budget on their transportation. Transportation is often overlooked until the last minute, but is often one of the most critical elements of your wedding.

Will I get a receipt for my payment?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards. When paying by credit card, you will receive an automated receipt if you can supply your email address. We also accept checks, and send you a written contract showing the amount of your deposit.

What is included in your wedding packages?

Our typical wedding package includes 4 hours of service, champagne, red carpet if requested, service fees, and taxes.

Will we get a written contract for our wedding transportation service?

Yes, we use contracts for all of our weddings and special events. Our wedding contract downloadable from our website, or we can mail or email one to you. Having a contract in place assures you that you will get the exact vehicle you have reserved including color, size, number of hours, locations, and times.

Why it is a mistake to shop for your limousine transportation based on the "best price?"

The following are some wedding transportation horror stories we have heard:

  • Your limousine doesn't show up. You miss your event or flight.
  • Your limousine is late, and you miss your flight, or you are late for your wedding.
  • An old limousine shows up instead of the limousine you thought you were getting.
  • You have a nice limo, but it hasn't been cleaned and glasses are dirty.
  • Your driver is missing his front teeth and is unkempt.
  • The antique car had mechanical problems and didn't show up.
  • The driver is reckless, dodging in and out of traffic, or hasn't checked directions.
  • The driver helps himself to the liquor and becomes intoxicated.
  • You need to make a change in your itinerary, and cannot reach anyone at the office.

Do you have references?

Yes, check the Testimonial section.

Are your services handicapped accessible?

With enough advance notice, we can accommodate wheelchairs and make whatever other arrangements are necessary.

Celebrity Realty International Destin Limo Service. Here is one of our 2000 120" Krystal Koach limousines. Celebrity Realty International Destin Limo Service.


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